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The Experience API (xAPI, often referred to as “Tin Can API”) has a presence in IEEE as a Study Group sponsored by yours truly within the Learning Technologies Standards Committee. Which means, basically, that the group in IEEE that shepherds standards around learning technologies (Learning Object Metadata, as an example) is gearing up to make xAPI a standard. This page will keep you updated on the activity for the IEEE xAPI Study Group.

Relevant Items

There’s a statement about the possibility of breaking up the Experience API specification into multiple standards to accommodate a number of challenges to standardizing the specification as it exists. Blog | Medium

The State of xAPI: Tools Survey

The survey results are available for download. Please do so: Access the .csv dataset on GitHub.

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, September 9 at 6am US Pacific
  • LTSC and LRMI stewardship
  • Request to withdraw PAR for 1484.11.1 update (obsolete with upcoming xAPI PAR)
  • Possible interest in new WG from Jim Schoening
  • Upcoming technical editor requirements for WG13 / xAPI WG
LTSC Groups: Status/Updates
  • RAMLET (WG13)
    • possible EPUB 3 mapping / relation to SC36
  • xAPI Study Group
    • status of xAPI PAR
  • IEEE Actionable Data Book
    • Intention to join Readium Foundation as non-profit
  • Information (Website)

Previous Meetings