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It’s not like Megan or I to sit around and catch up on all the old seasons of 24. We keep ourselves pretty motivated. The last two months, though… we’ve set a new bar for ourselves. First, the really BIG news 🙂

Connections: xAPI

Connections: xAPI is two days of dialogue between directors, designers and developers about the Experience API.

Enter Connections: xAPI in Chicago (August 19-20) and London (September 3-4)! We’re running two events to explain the spec and make it actionable. This isn’t butts in seats, it’s interactive and collaborative. There will be a lot of information shared and captured for you to access, but more importantly you will walk out with actionable plans and insights to make a notable difference in your organization. We’ll have the full site up with details and registration in the next two weeks. Sign up to be notified when registration opens!


On MakingBetter, you may have noticed that our navigation changed with a link to IEEE. We just put up a page to help make sense of the activities, past, present and upcoming with the IEEE xAPI Study Group. If Google+ Communities aren’t your thing, feel free to keep up to date with the project here. Anyway, on that page you can see that the IEEE xAPI Study Group continues after a brief hiatus with a series of interviews with people doing some pretty interesting things with xAPI. We’re starting on Wednesday, April 30 (11am Eastern) with Chris Benes, the CTO of RVIBE. Their platform for virtual learning makes use of xAPI in some pretty novel ways. I’m excited to learn more about what RVIBE is doing with the Experience API and share it with you. Meanwhile, IEEE recently launched a survey to Tool Providers to get a sense of The State of xAPI. We want to know not only what tools are available that use xAPI, but also what they do. This gives us all a sense of how different tools might work together in solving real business problems given that the data they either create or receive should be easy to share among them. If you make a tool and it uses Experience API, respond to our survey. Sign up to watch the interview with Chris Benes on 4/30!

Learning Locker at ASTD

Lots of updates about Learning Locker, the open-source,enterprise-ready learning record store. First, Learning Locker now available as a Release Candidate, which means we think it’s ready for 1.0, but it needs to be put through its paces before we can really feel like it’s done. In just a few weeks, the Learning Locker crew will be at ASTD International Conference and Expo (“ICE” as it’s known), and from May 5-7, we’ll be at our Booth #1342, talking a whole lot about Learning Locker, Connections: xAPI, open source, the progress of IEEE work and, well, whatever YOU want us to talk about. As long as we have coffee, we’re down for whatever 😉 Most importantly: Monday night is Cinco de Mayo and Learning Locker is hosting a meetup for anyone interested in xAPI and the Learning Locker project. It’s at The Passenger, which is right nearby the convention center on 7th Street. Pick up a drink voucher from the booth on Monday!