Author: MakingBetter

  • For Individuals

    Do you feel like you’re the lone voice of change within your team, school, organization? Are you trying to change your system from the bottom up and the inside out? We’re with you, fellow Change Agent. We share your struggles, heartache, heartburn and doubts. The struggle is real. But it’s not for naught. We can […]

  • For Organizations

    We’re about creating the most change with the least change. In other words, sustainable, continuous growth that looks to beyond short-term solutions and disrupting what’s already working for you. Bring on your toughest, mission-critical programs. We’re ready to hunker down, get to know your team and your systems, and make lasting improvements with measurable outcomes. […]

  • For Communities

    We light fires. For motivation, and for light. We bring people together to collaborate. We run events, publish articles, a journal, even a book (also flammable) to help communities understand new topics and grow side by side. We produce xAPI Camps. An event we love running but would love it even more if you took the […]

  • We are MakingBetter.

    We work in the void between instincts and outcomes. Between individuals and organizations. Situations and standards. We are a solid foundation of research framed by design thinking. Revealing ways to honor and grow the individuals who help you grow as a collective. We create cycles that grow, too. Getting smarter and faster over time. Leaving […]