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  • Listen to this xAPI podcast!

    I had the pleasure of talking with The eLearning Coach, Connie Malamed, about all things xAPI. It was a great time and we even got into the weeds (luckily we also found our way back out). You can listen to it here: Just a quick update. So much to share, and so much work to do on all […]

  • What is Connections: xAPI?

    UPDATE: xAPI Camp is happening March 24, 2015. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.   Super exciting! The full Connections: xAPI site is up! When we’re at a large tradeshow, people often approach us to talk about the applications of xAPI in solving their company’s problems. We love it, but there’s never enough time for deep conversations […]

  • xAPI Standardization Working Group Kickoff

    xAPI Standardization Working Group Kickoff

    ***Update 2/25/14**** The kickoff happened yesterday with stellar attendance and participation, very awesome! If you missed it, here’s how to get caught up: You can replay the presentation, here. If you prefer, the slides are available here. The community discussion will take place here on Google+, do join if you want to participate or just […]

  • This Week in MakingBetter (10 February, 2014)

    Thinking The quantified self vs. the examined life. — Erin Kissane (@kissane) February 9, 2014 Human computer interaction is a very lonely activity – Krippendorff #ixd14 — Brenda Sanderson (@brendamontreal) February 6, 2014   You know what? I use A LOT of smileys in emails. And I’M NOT SORRY. The world needs more smileys. 🙂 […]

  • The Future of Learning Content Strategy (Presentation from #ASTDTK14)

    The Future of Learning Content Strategy (Presentation from #ASTDTK14)

    So, we went to Vegas. Aaron completed another year of his life, but claimed it was a “victory lap on his 30s.” Now I’m wondering if every year going forward will just be considered another victory lap on his 30s… until he starts doing victory laps on his 40s? I’m going to need more pop […]

  • Dispatch from ASTD TechKnowledge 2014

    It’s been a busy couple of days in Las Vegas. Tuesday was active, starting with the announcement about IEEE. Reconnecting with colleagues in the learning space throughout Tuesday, we celebrated with many of our Up to All of Us friends also at TechKnowledge on Tuesday night. I worked with the ASTD TechKnowledge Program Committee early […]

  • This Week in MakingBetter (20 January, 2014)

    This Week in MakingBetter (20 January, 2014)

    Things to think about… AKA How likely are you to recommend our life to your friends & colleagues? AKA net promoter score for your life AKA happiness as a service. — Buster (@buster) January 18, 2014   This really should be the only thing you are referring to when you say, “Big Data”. — […]

  • Delivering on the Experience API

    Delivering on the Experience API

    …and by Experience API, I mean Tin Can (cough). That said, I wrote an article for Learning Technologies Magazine about what it will really take to make the movement around this new standard successful. The article is chock-full of the most exciting words on the internet, like “conformance” and, uh, “validators”. Jokes aside, we’ve come […]