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  • xAPI Camp Preview: dominKnow ONE

    xAPI Camp Preview: dominKnow ONE

    On March 26, 2019, I’m gathering best examples of the tools that enable, and the professionals who define xAPI’s best practices at xAPI Camp (number 14!) hosted by the eLearning Guild at the Learning Solutions conference in Orlando, FL. In the run-up to the event, I’m highlighting these industry colleagues, and why I think they’re…

  • Getting Started with Content Strategy

    Getting Started with Content Strategy

    Last week, Megan & I were at DevLearn in Las Vegas. We intend to post a bit more about it because, for anyone following the Experience API (and us) it was a pretty incredible showcase of what’s happening with adoption that goes far beyond vendors checking the box and putting an LRS in their LMS.…

  • The Future of Learning Content Strategy (Presentation from #ASTDTK14)

    The Future of Learning Content Strategy (Presentation from #ASTDTK14)

    So, we went to Vegas. Aaron completed another year of his life, but claimed it was a “victory lap on his 30s.” Now I’m wondering if every year going forward will just be considered another victory lap on his 30s… until he starts doing victory laps on his 40s? I’m going to need more pop…

  • Why Learning Content Strategy?

    Why Learning Content Strategy?

    Learning content strategy prepares an organization for the future by keeping an eye on how we support the people who aren’t working there yet. That may sound amorphous, but many of us spend time attempting to extract tacit knowledge from the people who are in an organization to put in a format that can be…

  • Remote Post: Preparing for Adaptive Learning

    I recently wrote a post for ASTD’s Learning Technologies blog about how to prepare for adaptive learning technology. Really, though, it’s about activities that any learning organization should undertake, whether or not the goal is to implement adaptive technology. There are a lot of different ways that a technology could adapt to people working inside…

  • Making Better Sense: Content Strategy

    Making Better Sense: Content Strategy

    The more we can separate content from technology, to be respected in it’s own right, the better we will all be.