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  • What is the plan for DISC, xAPI, and ADL?

    What is the plan for DISC, xAPI, and ADL?

    Towards the end of last year, our big announcement was the formation of the not-for-profit Consortium formed to handle the governance and address the evolution of xAPI with/for ADL. xAPI, being open-source and licensed as Apache 2.0, doesn’t require ADL’s permission for us to do this. That’s a feature, not a bug — we licensed […]

  • With Gratitude…

    With Gratitude…

    Megan and I find ourselves grateful, as the year comes to a close. 2015 gave MakingBetter an amazing journey that was full of surprises. Most were wonderful and some were very scary. Through it all, we found ways to make our clients happy and successful doing work we believed in. When we had struggles and found […]

  • The 3rd Gear

    As xAPI shifts into 3rd gear, with an early majority comes a need for a consortium that will steward xAPI into perpetuity — a table for other industries to sit and work out the ways xAPI will meet their particular needs. I’m talking about HR systems, medical devices, folks who make beacons and sensors, manufacturing, energy […]

  • xAPI's Tipping Point for Both Community & Industry

    xAPI's Tipping Point for Both Community & Industry

    Since last year, I worked with IEEE to standardize the Experience API (xAPI) specification. Most of my work is with the IEEE-LTSC  but recently a few other IEEE standards groups expressed interest in using xAPI. These groups focus on developing personal health devices as well as the Internet of Things. They’re looking at xAPI because […]

  • The Community Responds

    I hoped in my last post that the community would indeed respond with ideas, insights, opinions and concerns. Thank you for your comments on the post, the retweets and feedback on Twitter and for what I’m sure has been a lot of not-public rumination. The feedback thus far has been incredibly helpful and I will […]

  • Standard Options Apply

    This post is for vendors, developers and implementers of the Experience API and for anyone who may one day create something with xAPI. The choices made soon will ultimately impact what you will be able to do with xAPI 3, 5 and 20 years from now. I’m going to lay out options for how we […]

  • IEEE "State of the xAPI" Survey Results Released

    IEEE "State of the xAPI" Survey Results Released

    With over 40 different vendors and 80 different commercial and open-source tools, I’m happy to release the results of the first State of the xAPI: Tools Survey on behalf of the IEEE xAPI Study Group. This data has been collected from vendors voluntarily sharing information beyond just simply stating they’ve adopted. In this comma-separated-value (CSV) file, you’ll see […]

  • Answers: Where are Discussions About Experience API?

    Answers: Where are Discussions About Experience API?

    In the last couple of weeks, we’ve started to get some great questions about getting oriented to working with the Experience API. For Megan and I, we’ve been so involved from the ground floor (as a lot of the community is) that we sometimes forget that people are finding out about it anew… all the […]