xAPI Camp

What is xAPI Camp?

xAPI Camp is our signature event which brings people together across all industries and disciplines to learn about xAPI. And just like summer camp, you’ll leave with a new community of friends that can offer continued support as you head back into the real world.

What’s xAPI Camp like?

How can I get involved?

Attend xAPI Camp

Why should I come to an xAPI Camp?

You’ll be the office hero for being part of a really kickass event with real outcomes. Bring your questions and ideas, and you’ll take away answers, next steps and questions for your team that will lead to actionable answers.

Is every xAPI Camp the same?

Each xAPI Camp has its own focus. As a participant, you’ll help focus the activities and topics before the event takes place. It’s your day, it’s your camp. So you (and your fellow participants) inform how we all spend it together.

Upcoming Camps

License the xAPI Camp Name and Model

xAPI Camp Your Way

If you would like to run an xAPI Camp for your customers, we can do that! We know how hard it can be to get the right people in the room and set the stage for action. MakingBetter will allow you to license the xAPI Camp name and model for your event. This license costs $2800 and includes the following:

  • Use of the xAPI Camp name, branding and core presentation materials
  • Recognition as an xAPI Camp on our site
  • Guidance on using the xAPI Camp model

In addition to licensing the camp, MakingBetter can support you in the following activities:

  • Facilitation
  • Promoting
  • Programming
  • Event Planning and Logistics

This sounds great. How to do I apply?

Just answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Host an xAPI Camp

Round up your colleagues, clients, and vendors and host your own xAPI Camp. We’re excited to now offer our proven (and fun) 1-day xAPI Camp model, licensed to you and tailored to your needs. If you’re looking to relive your 1982 capture the flag victory, this probably isn’t the right camp for you. But if you’re looking for a good time learning about the possibilities of xAPI, you’ve come to the right place.

Why should I organize an xAPI Camp?

You’ll be the office hero for hosting a really kickass event with real outcomes. The name recognition of xAPI Camp will help fill seats. (We know, it’s not a popularity contest, but being popular certainly helps.) We can help you run the event or simply license the xAPI Camp model to you. If you purchase the license, we’re open to (in fact, we encourage it) you finding sponsors to foot the bill so you get more bang for less buck.

I have some ideas…how do I customize xAPI Camp?

Each xAPI Camp has its own focus. As the organizer, you’ll get to decide that focus by helping choose the activities and topics of your event. Who you invite, whether it’s public or private, and how you market it is also up to you. And since this is your camp, you’ll also have rights to the event content. So you get to decide how (and if) you distribute it.