Dispatch from ASTD TechKnowledge 2014

It’s been a busy couple of days in Las Vegas. Tuesday was active, starting with the announcement about IEEE. Reconnecting with colleagues in the learning space throughout Tuesday, we celebrated with many of our Up to All of Us friends also at TechKnowledge on Tuesday night.

I worked with the ASTD TechKnowledge Program Committee early Wednesday morning orienting new attendees. Afterwards we enjoyed a panel discussions in the TK Chat area about community, and were particularly pleased to hear some resonant ideas:

There are a surprising number of babies in Las Vegas this week. There’s this one…

…and then as we made our way through the Vendor Expo area to catch up with some vendors we hope will participate in both the OpenLRS effort with LearningLocker and/or the IEEE xAPI Study Group, Aaron found another, uh, baby…

Later in the day I moderated a panel discussion on Games and Gamification with Robert Gadd of OnPoint Digital, Kris Rockwell of Impact Games and Aaron, who works with Funny Garbage.

Afterwards we had a meet-up for Learning Locker with Ben Betts and a full evening of networking with colleagues at TechKnowledge.

Today we’re looking forward to several sessions and my own on the Future of Learning Content Strategy.

Hopefully, we’ll find more babies for Aaron 😉