IEEE "State of the xAPI" Survey Results Released

With over 40 different vendors and 80 different commercial and open-source tools, I’m happy to release the results of the first State of the xAPI: Tools Survey on behalf of the IEEE xAPI Study Group.

This data has been collected from vendors voluntarily sharing information beyond just simply stating they’ve adopted. In this comma-separated-value (CSV) file, you’ll see which tools support the Experience API at Version 1.0 and/or Version 1.0.1 (over half of the tools support it), which should provide some insight about what tools on the list might work well with others. The survey results in this form are licensed CC0, which is a Creative Commons license meant for public domain. As long as you cite it, you are encouraged to use this information.

The survey ran for the last two months — from April through May, 2014.

In the next month, I’ll prepare an initial draft reporting on the results of the survey. I will do this in GitHub as a Markdown document to encourage others to help author (and be attributed for their work). This report will be licensed CC-BY, also meant for the public to freely cite as needed.

So what are you waiting for? Get the State of the xAPI: Tools Survey results today!