Learning Analytics Policy – Looking for Input!

I’m heading to LAK 17 in Vancouver, BC to help a great crew from many countries, in a workshop on learning analytics policy (LAP). Since learning analytics policy is evolving everywhere, we’re looking for input from people, everywhere. K-12, corporate, higher ed – all important.

There’s opportunity to contribute a paper for this event, so if you’re really motivated, go ahead and fill out this survey.  

Examples Please!

Researching this for the learning analytics community, what we really need are more examples. Answers to any of the following questions would be helpful in establishing a baseline of knowledge we are putting together.

  • What learning analytics policies have you encountered?
  • How did they affect your implementation?
  • What workarounds have you planned, knowing certain policies would need to be accommodated?
  • How did a policy affect your outcome?

Narrative descriptions, case studies or just links to the policy documents would all be helpful. Please, send me an email at megan@makingbetter.us if you have something to contribute!