Making Organizations Better: Change and Development

Make revolution by strategic evolution.

You can’t enforce change, only nudge people towards a new path. See, we believe people are inherently good and with the right conditions, with the right support, they will do work that goes far beyond what traditional management enables.

We’re no longer in an economic environment where the objectives for a business to succeed are so clear-cut they can be commanded from the top down. People inside our organizations hold a lot of promise, but only if they’re encouraged to follow their intrinsic motivations can an organization adapt and grow today.

This is where we work – figuring out how to make small changes within existing organizations that open the doors to larger changes over time. Change shouldn’t be a cliff people are pushed over, it should be a slightly sloped path they can climb.

What we have done

For years we’ve worked with startups and large enterprises (and government agencies) making use of their available tools and already-adopted systems to establish new workflows. By guiding changes in operational behaviors and improvements in cross-functional communications, we’ve helped organizations score big wins — happy employees, more revenues… happy leaders.  When teams are getting stuff done and change happens without the need to completely rearrange, it’s winning.