Making Systems Better: Product and Service Design

It’s not just about shipping… it’s about delivering.

Any new product or service must work within some existing system. We focus vision and design to make sure it’s taking on the right part.It’s important that you believe in what you’re planning to build or deliver, but it’s even more important that there are real people who need it and have the motivation to use it. In learning and education technology, specifically, you might have both the motivation and people in need, but most systems on the market (and probably in your organization) present huge barriers in connecting the two.

How we approach it

  • We explore the greater context in which the product or service must exist.
  • We focus on the outcomes: what does success look like and how does it really have to be achieved?
  • We take account of the technical and logistical capabilities of your existing systems and people.
  • We design the optimal path to move to where you want to be, working to design tools and systems that make change easier for your people.