• Stimming 101
    Stimming 101

    How many of us pick at or even bite our fingernails, twirl our hair, bounce one (or both) legs or drum on things with our fingers or hands? All these and more are examples of behaviors most everyone has. For autistics, stimming is a key tool in diffusing, even expelling excess energy, anxiety and intrusive… Read more

  • From a Meltdown to Complex PTSD
    From a Meltdown to Complex PTSD

    There’s so much I want to share about what I’ve learned that’s affirmative, but a lot of coaching conversations online start when people feel isolated, helpless and adrift. Burnout, specifically an Autistic Burnout or Meltdown, is what generally describes the conditions when someone with autism can no longer mask their autism, can no longer participate… Read more

  • Treading Water
    Treading Water

    Like John Wick, I want to serve. I want to be of service. I’m not motivated to write (or speak) simply to see or hear my own words. So, as loud and full of energy as I can get, I can also get very quiet. Read more

  • Data Strategy Starts with Reporting Strategy
    Data Strategy Starts with Reporting Strategy

    I want our individual contributors to gain the skills and the hard learnings of working with xAPI so they can grow their skills and mature our practices independent of my spoon-feeding information when it finally seems relevant (to me). As a result, I get questions and feedback that helps me more effectively understand how, at… Read more

  • Lambdas vs. Deltas
    Lambdas vs. Deltas

    When I talk about analyzing things for deltas, I’m looking at the change in value. Before I analyze things for deltas, though, I’m looking for changes in the “shape” of the information (or data) — which are lambdas. Read more

  • Learning Engineering Tools for Testing xAPI Stuffs
    Learning Engineering Tools for Testing xAPI Stuffs

    You might’ve noticed in my last post and previously, I’ve made reference to wanting to test stuff against CATAPULT, as our infrastructure relies on cmi5. I wrote a little bit too fast for my brain, though. CATAPULT is one framework which tests your content and/or your system for cmi5 conformance. CATAPULT doesn’t handle things like… Read more