• Special Interests no. 2
    Special Interests no. 2

    I started writing up my approach to how I’d slice and dice up a data strategy for a survey… just one survey as part of something bigger… and i realize i need to break that up for better consumption and learning for readers, so that will start coming out next week. Otherwise, this week has… Read more

  • We’re Always Managing Through Change
    We’re Always Managing Through Change

    To make work a safe place where people feel like they belong, such words need to be backed up with deeds that account for what different folks might need; specifically folks who process information in different ways, at different speeds and intervals. That’s not just the neurodiverse; that’s everyone with communication differences (linguistic, cultural, technical… Read more

  • Special Interests – December 9, 2022
    Special Interests – December 9, 2022

    Journaling some of the things I’m learning, especially things that help me do my things would be helpful for me. I also wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of some other interests I have (like music); maybe there’s something that connects a dot for y’all. Read more

  • On Being Autistic
    On Being Autistic

    I’m the sort of guy who gets upset when people run stop signs and turn on red when there’s clearly a “No Turn on Red” sign. People who don’t stop rarely fail to stop… they’re not even trying. They endanger anyone who happens to be walking and has the right of way. These traffic rules… Read more

  • On De-platforming
    On De-platforming

    Since April when Twitter first appeared to be for-sale, friends and I took initiatives to plan for a life without relying on Twitter. It’s now one month since that sale has completed. Here I’ll share what de-platforming means for me. I deleted my main Twitter account on November 10. Verification on that platform was problematic… Read more

  • Prioritizing Ethical Use of Learning Data
    Prioritizing Ethical Use of Learning Data

    It’s been a minute since I presented to a large group, albeit online, but I relished the opportunity presented to me by the Learning Guild in inviting to me to speak to the latest xAPI Cohort on ethics and learning analytics. I’m a person who likes to be pretty grounded in any advice I’d share,… Read more