• Special Interests no. 3
    Special Interests no. 3

    This year is winding down, and if you read nothing else, happy holidays to you and yours and I hope the end of this year, and especially this new year, treats you kind. Read more

  • What is Precision Learning?
    What is Precision Learning?

    I define precision learning as an instructional methodology for continuous curriculum-based assessment towards observable outcomes with measurable goals. The “precision” makes it a little buzwordy, however I posit it helps situate what it is in the context of its origins… Read more

  • Analytics Potential for Sessions with Media
    Analytics Potential for Sessions with Media

    Much like any content or media with which we engage users, with a survey we need to prioritize more than just the survey results; we should be improving the survey and the survey experience. Here’s how I approach it. Read more

  • Special Interests no. 2
    Special Interests no. 2

    I started writing up my approach to how I’d slice and dice up a data strategy for a survey… just one survey as part of something bigger… and i realize i need to break that up for better consumption and learning for readers, so that will start coming out next week. Otherwise, this week has… Read more

  • We’re Always Managing Through Change
    We’re Always Managing Through Change

    To make work a safe place where people feel like they belong, such words need to be backed up with deeds that account for what different folks might need; specifically folks who process information in different ways, at different speeds and intervals. That’s not just the neurodiverse; that’s everyone with communication differences (linguistic, cultural, technical… Read more

  • Special Interests – December 9, 2022
    Special Interests – December 9, 2022

    Journaling some of the things I’m learning, especially things that help me do my things would be helpful for me. I also wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of some other interests I have (like music); maybe there’s something that connects a dot for y’all. Read more