Talk Shop with Aaron at ATD ICE

AaronThe ATD International Conference and Expo is an event so huge that it has its own gravitational pull. We’re in its orbit and so I’ll be there from Saturday through Wednesday.

I’m easy enough to find by giving me a shout on Twitter (@aaronesilvers). If you’re shy, just message me, but if you’re not shy, please come up and say hi. I am there to talk shop with you. Yes. You.

I’m not presenting anything after the TRYxAPI event on Saturday, May 16 (12:30-5pm, Hyatt Regency, free to non-attendees). Which means even if (when) I’m hanging out with the likes of Julie Dirksen, Trish Uhl, Cammy Bean and Justin Brusino (among many others), I’m at ATD ICE to listen to whatever you got going on and offer actionable feedback. I’m there to coach. I’m there for you to bounce an idea off of me. I’m there for the jokes. I’m good for a cup of coffee or a beer. I’m happy to grab a bite to eat with you.

For realz. I’m there to hang, make new friends, help folks connect with the people, know-how and resources they need and generally be helpful.

So if you want to talk about how to get a seat at the table, let’s talk about that because I have lessons learned. If you want to talk about designing learning experiences that go beyond slides and classrooms, lets model out those design ideas. If you want to talk about how to break out of your rut, believe me, I’ve been there and would love to help you.

You’ll likely find me in the hallways or in the expo hall hanging with xAPI community folks — including our friends at RISC, Float and Riptide.

If you just want to know activities I recommend at ICE, here’s a short list:

Saturday: TRYxAPI