Montell Jordan, from the music video for "This is How We Do It"

This is How We Do It

Queue up your Montell Jordan, flip the track and bring the old school back because together, Megan and I are back to blogging again because we want to, not because it’s part of our job. For us, it’s a return-to-form. At least, that’s the plan with MakingBetter.

In the last couple of years, Megan and I have been part of some pretty interesting stuff. We’ve learned from some revolutionary voices across the fields of design, business, education and technology. With MakingBetter, our goal is to connect how people intrinsically work to the outcomes sought by organizational leaders.

We’re thinking this is going to be as much about saving the world as it is about helping companies make more money. Anybody who’s seen either of us do our thing can affirm we really love taking on missions that others would dismiss as impossible. This first month, you’ll get a taste of what we’re cooking.

We decided that if we were going to join forces, we were going to really work to do things in our own way, so whatever projects we take on, you can be sure we’ll be helping the people and causes we care about, ultimately helping everyone we impact to become better neighbors and citizens. Whatever we take on, we’re going to be super motivated to do it because we do whatever the hell we want.

This month, we’re going to both be in Las Vegas for ASTD TechKnowledge 2014. With each of us serving up a different slice of our collective effort, you’re going to hear a bit from Megan on what will be the foundations for a new order of content strategy, specifically in eLearning. You’re going to hear from me about the lessons learned from facilitating seriously winning communities. Together, we’re going to talk about just how important open source will be for Tin Can’s adoption — and what we’re doing about it. In every case, we’re going to challenge some popular thinking and assumptions. We hope you’ll engage us in conversations about these topics on this blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Twitter… Skype calls and Google Hangouts and, even better, coffee shops and conferences where we can sit together and really get into it.

Montell Jordan, from the music video for "This is How We Do It"
Montell explains exactly how we do it.

As Montell says, my homies, we’ll never come wack on an old school track.

This is how we do it.