PDF Annotator Visualization

This Week in MakingBetter: #xAPI Camp Sells Out; #LScon DemoFest

It’s been a quiet few weeks while our heads have been down getting things done, but this week has been something special.

xAPI Camp FTW!

Craig Wiggins put together a Storify that really captured the heart of the event we’ve been planning since March 2014. Here’s how it played by some numbers:

  • 101 Participants (21 over capacity)
  • 125 Sandwiches consumed.
  • 15 unique presentations focusing on real-world solutions enabled by xAPI.
  • 87 Cups of Coffee consumed (36% of capacity)

We are blown away by the amount of interest in xAPI, and so are many others. We’re happy to announce there will be an xAPI Camp coming with DevLearn 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, at the MGM Grand (details forthcoming). We are planning events with the eLearning Guild (and with other partners) through 2016 and we’ll have an event calendar up in the next few weeks.

MakingBetter @ DemoFest



PDF Annotator Visualization
This isn’t a mock-up — this is a screenshot of RISC, Inc.’s new PDF Annotator Visualization in full action.

The timing worked out just right that as we’re wrapping up our first project with RISC, Inc, not only was xAPI Camp happening, Learning Solutions was, too. Art Werkenthin and I will be at DemoFest on Thursday, March 27, to talk about “PDF Annotation in the Cloud: A Real-world Application of the xAPI” The story behind it is simple. The request from the client goes back years and simply could not be realized until the advent of xAPI. With Float Mobile Learning and RISC, Inc’s collaboration on their PDF Annotator app, we worked with the data to visualize the aggregate use of these important support documents so the client can improve their various documents and therefore improve safety and compliance in some of the toughest jobs in the energy industry. We are incredibly excited to illustrate just what can be done with xAPI that makes a real difference in organizational performance. Talk to us at DemoFest on Thursday!!!

Managing Data-Driven Projects

Megan Torrance, of Torrance Learning, collaborated with Megan and I on a presentation where we dished on what Learning & Development departments might want to know about managing different kinds of projects when data joins the fray.

[slideshare id=46298541&doc=managingdata-drivenlearningprojects-150325223309-conversion-gate01]