What is Connections: xAPI?

UPDATE: xAPI Camp is happening March 24, 2015. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


Super exciting! The full Connections: xAPI site is up!

When we’re at a large tradeshow, people often approach us to talk about the applications of xAPI in solving their company’s problems. We love it, but there’s never enough time for deep conversations about performance outcomes or how to account for the learning and performance activities that actually matter. Amidst the distractions of shuffling between sessions and the expo floor (piles of marketing, flashing lights, gimmicks, decoys, costumes), it’s almost impossible to get take-aways that help anyone back at the office.

Connections brings people from real organizations, with challenges and interest in xAPI, together with the people who build and design technology that can support their work. This is about sharing, hands-on practice, and collaborative design.

What’s different about our Connections Forum is the format. It’s not that the people we want to join us aren’t regularly gathered together (like at large tradeshows). It’s that those events are not focusing on moving hard problems toward better outcomes. Those best suited to help design, build and modify existing tools are very hard to get into the same room to focus on one (let alone a handful) of common problem patterns.

Our xAPI community of practice deserves to go beyond the basics and dive into exciting new ways to use technology. Our hardworking xAPI adopters deserve a chance to quit answering the question “What is xAPI?” and apply their true expertise.

We’re designing the Connections: xAPI experience to take on this challenge.

  • Speakers We’re bringing in a few unlikely, but amazing, people to blow your mind a little, but after that the Activity Strands take over. Soon to be announced!
  • Activity Strands These give each person a choice in how they engage with the event. Strands are focused on making, designing, or learning.
    • There will be chances to learn from the others around, engage with case studies from other companies, explore new ideas with people who really do care about growth and change.
    • There will be space dedicated to making, building real tools in a very hackathon like way (with loads of experts to support).
    • Each partner will have some dedicated space and time over the course of the event to explain their tools, whiteboard problems, and design approaches.

We need you. Let’s get out of the marketing and rhetoric. Let’s make real progress together.



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