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Analytics, Personalization and Adaptive Technology

Analytics and personalization success isn’t just having people who need it and the motivation to use it. It’s about eliminating any barriers between the two. We make sure the people and motivation are seamlessly connected, by creating systems that can assess and adapt to our learners—and working within existing systems whenever possible. Easier said than done, but that’s where the fun comes in.

Our approach:

  • We explore the greater context in which people work, looking for data touch points.
  • We focus on the outcomes: what does success look like and how does it really have to be achieved?
  • We take account of the technical and logistical capabilities of your existing systems and people.
  • We design the optimal path to where you want to be, working to design tools and systems that make change easier for your people.

Standards, Open Source, Design

A combination of open source and standardization are the one-two punch of product design—especially when it comes to learning, education and competency. Open source makes sure there are always options to access and transport data in a workplace that increasingly relies on it, while standardization ensures that no matter what systems you call on, they’ll all play nicely together.

Our approach:

  • We firmly advocate for standardization, because vendors should compete around design approaches that differentiate their products, not the basic functionality.
  • We believe one cannot truly own software or data unless they have the means (and the rights) to make it better. Tools that act as silos and make you jump through hoops to access hidden features (or non-existent features) do not advance us as a whole or as individual organizations.

Organizational Change and Development

People are inherently good. (Yes, all people.) And with the right conditions, the right support and the right attitude, they will do work that goes far beyond what traditional management enables. But this change shouldn’t be a cliff people are pushed over, it needs to be a slightly sloped path so they can climb gently and picnic along the way.

Our approach:

  • Working with people inside organizations to encourage them to follow their intrinsic motivations.
  • Figuring out how to make small changes that open doors to larger changes over time—including happy employees, happier leaders and more revenue.

In short, you can lead an organization to change, but you can’t make them think.

Experience Design, Events, Facilitation, Workshops and Training

We’ve been part of enough gatherings as attendees, speakers (and instructors and facilitators and organizers…) to know there is plenty of room for improvement. Since we are designers at heart, creating and structuring gatherings is our jam and facilitating and/or coaching you on how to organize yours would make us very happy.

Groups of 50 are our sweet spot, but we’ve worked with as many as 200 active participants as a time. Up to All of Us (our annual gathering of master practitioners that started as a side project) has organically grown this part of our business, with organizations and industries to ask us to design, facilitate and even disrupting their own events. For example, organizing an unconference for both the US Department of Education and the US Department of Defense, around their established programming.

Our approach:

  • We focus on the greater purpose that brings us together.
  • We examine outcomes and who needs to be there to make them possible.
  • We account for logistics and unique constraints that frame options.
  • We make it fun.

If you build it, they will come. If you build it right, they will take something valuable away from it.

Content Strategy

Content makes the world go around. Whether it’s web or learning content (which share similar challenges but diverge greatly in the details) there are similar opportunities for growth. So when we get the chance to make content better, we gleefully dive in with audits and user research, information architecture and implementation.

Our approach:

  • We believe when it comes to content it’s critical to define targeted goals and outcomes and design experiences…then we mess with the delivery mechanism.
  • We know any project is only as good as its strategy—from simple sites to complex challenges with decades of content.

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