Dashboard and Adaptive Strategy

Turning a Process Shift into a Culture Shift


The Client

Online learning platform for a multinational software corporation with approximately 15,000 learners.

The Challenge

Design a system that fulfills the needs of multiple groups across the organization while navigating the tensions and dynamics between the groups.

The Plot Twist

Many of the off-the-shelf platforms they were using didn’t answer the questions they really needed answers for, and they had to rely heavily on Excel to compensate.

The Results

Where previous attempts brought in-fighting, we were able to gain consensus and a better understanding of how the questions they needed to answer fit in the larger business puzzle. And along the way, we got to each folks who were new to data how to maintain the tools and datasets so they can easily work within and manage what was created.

The Service

xAPI Strategy Package and additional services

The Reason You Should Care

Creating a streamlined system not only eliminated wasted time and money, it changed company culture by uniting internal groups instead of dividing them.