Learning Tech Consulting

Sometimes you just need an expert to hold up a mirror and show you what’s working and what’s not. That’s not a groundbreaking idea. In fact, this insight supports both an entire industry of consultants and an entire genre of reality TV makeover shows.

What does differentiate us, however, is how we hold up the mirror. We’re design thinkers at heart. For you, that means better reporting for more personalization for learners. And reorganizing your system so we can make the greatest impact without disrupting your process too much.

And it all starts with our learning technology Consulting Package.

What We’ll Do

We jump in with both feet (four feet, actually) talking with key stakeholders in your organization and learners across levels to fully understand how your system works, what’s working, and where there’s room for improvement.

Research includes:

  • Identifying and documenting goals and necessities for a successful project
  • Conducting up to 4 interviews with stakeholders from across the system
  • Conducting interviews with up to 4 active learners to find out what is working (or not working) for them
  • Thoroughly reviewing up to 4 existing systems
  • Thoroughly reviewing up to 4 pieces of existing content or planned content

What We’ll Need From You

You know your organization best. Working together, we’ll figure out what your system needs and what it doesn’t.

Requirements we’ll gather include:

  • Organizational rules within your systems
  • A system-wide look at reporting needs
  • When, where, and how your information is delivered
  • Organizational dependencies within your systems

What You’ll Walk Away With

At the end of the process, you’ll be presented with a detailed document of what we’ve found and recommendations on what you should do about it. Together, we’ll review this plan of attack so you can best decide what to do with it.

Included in our Recommendations Document:

  • Overview of our planned approach and how we arrived there
  • Detailed scope of proposed work with specs and an architecture diagram
  • Timeline and phases for implementing our recommendations
  • Standards integration strategy outline (xAPI, SCORM, etc.)

What Our Introductory Learning Tech Consulting Package Costs

$8,800. That’s it. No hidden fees or up-selling.

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