xAPI Camp: Call for Proposals

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Lots of news this week regarding xAPI Camps!

First off, it is now confirmed that our xAPI Camp – Seattle is actually (get ready for this)… xAPI Camp – Amazon. That’s right, kids. We’re going to be at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle on July 21 for a full day of xAPI awesomeness.

We now have four xAPI Camps we’re scheduling for:

21 July – Amazon (Seattle, WA)

29 September – DevLearn (Las Vegas, NV)

17 November – CSTD (Toronto, ON) – tentative date

15 March 2016 – Learning Solutions (Orlando, FL)

Which means we have a call for proposals going on starting TODAY — because the above camps are just what’s scheduled as of today. There are more in the works already through 2016.

After much feedback on our first xAPI Camp, we now have four types of sessions that will go into any xAPI Camp. We are encouraging everyone with a case study, a big challenge, a big idea or a lesson learned to sign up. So you know…

  1. A Case Study is a real implementation of xAPI.
  2. A Big Challenge describes a tough problem for your organization that requires a group of smart people to help with.
  3. A Big Idea is a possible use of xAPI that could catch on with help.
  4. A Lesson Learned comes from a place of love, where you would spare others the time it took for you to learn it. It can be super geeky.

We’re ready! Are you?



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