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xAPI Camp – DevLearn: Call for Proposals Ends 8/10

The next xAPI Camp is taking place at DevLearn on September 29, 2015. We have a number of proposals already, but we want to see more.

We are looking for brand new stories of you or your company using xAPI. We’re looking for new lessons learned. We’re looking for big ideas and big challenges that will blow minds and spark a multitude of conversations — not just during xAPI Camp but all week long at DevLearn. We want stories to inspire, to caution, to support and to challenge us all to be doing better.

Our presentations run from 7-12 minutes long. We will be strict about that in delivery, but incredibly supportive to help you shine.

There’s no guarantee of selection if you submit something and sponsorship is not considered for selection — we welcome vendors, consultants and stakeholders to present as well as practitioners, designers, engineers, managers and leaders. You can propose multiple topics.

We’ll give honest feedback on how to improve your proposals, whether we accept them or not. We’re looking to curate the best possible experience for all participants, including our presenters. In every way we want you to be part of it and we want to make being part of it — even the proposal process — worthwhile. You’re taking the time to share your very best. We’re curating ideas and expertise for a specific experience design. You’re taking this seriously. So are we.

Presenting at an xAPI Camp puts you in the vanguard of the vanguard of where learning, design and technology meet. There’s no pitching. We’re not advertising our services. We’re creating the space and the reason to have serious, relevant conversations that need to happen with trusted expertise so people can get answers and take action on their next steps to work with xAPI.

Are you up for it? Because we need you — especially if you don’t think you’re up for it.

But… if you want to be considered for DevLearn, we need those proposals submitted by Friday, August 10. All speakers and sponsors will be announced on or before August 15, 2015.